Peters Creek

Peters Creek Biodiversity Area
Jefferson Hills


At its simplest, biodiversity measures the numbers and variety of species in a given area. At a finer scale it considers genetic variability that contributes to the population dynamics of a species. Human activity within the watershed can significantly impact biodiversity in many ways.

Invasives are plant or animal species that are not native to our area. These species are able to outcompete native species because they have no natural predators here. They decrease the biodiversity of native plants as well many other species that depend on these natives.

The cumulative effects of indiscriminate pesticide, herbicide and fertilizer use(including improper disposal) can produce decreases in the biodiversity of non-targeted plant and animal species. Tributaries draining residential communities become choked with algae and excessive pesticide and herbicide use kills many beneficial species including pollinators and even frogs.



Two areas in the watershed have been identified as significant biodiversity areas by the Natural Heritage Inventory. The Peters Creek Wetland Biodiversity Area in Jefferson Hills is one of a few remaining robust emergent marsh communities in Allegheny County. The Wrights Woods Biodiversity Area in Nottingham Twp